Change Log

The latest Quicklie addition called 1.3 introduces the following new features:

• Better support for custom logos and backgrounds. More image formats are supported, issues with interlaced PNGs and certain GIFs are resolved, you're welcome place your unique logos onto the printouts.

• Image picker controls are aligned nicely so you can see how it looks on the actual printout.

• Quicklie now saves your settings, so you don't have to go through the trouble of setting it up once again after you finished a session—how cool is that?! If you'd like to clear up the settings, just go ahead and log out, your tags and selected logos will be gone.

• Printer refresh button is added, so no more need to restart Quicklie if you got a new printer plugged in—just hit refresh and it picks it up automatically!

As always, please do come back to us with any questions or concerns via Cheers!